Thursday, July 11, 2013

Work on Writing center

I remember seeing this idea on Pinterest, and falling in love with it!  I do Daily 5 in my classroom and my Work on Writing station is always the most dreaded.  So I'm constantly thinking of ways to spice it up.  The writing during Daily 5 is completely separate from my normal writing block, and this little writing center idea has been a life saver.  I created one that I felt would work great with my group.  I start with modeling each of the choices on different occasions, and then adding it to my "I can Write a...." wall.  For each of the choices, I have at least 2 choices of stationary or paper to complete the writing.  My pack includes 9 writing choices: 
JOURNAL ENTRY (for whole class journals)

Here are a few pictures from the file. 


Do you do Daily 5 in your classrooms?  What do your kids do during the Work on Writing time?  How do you keep it from being the most dreaded rotations of all?  I would like to offer this file to the first three followers to comment answering the questions above!  Don't forget to leave your email address!  



  1. I dread the preparation of all of them! Once they're good at the stations it's magical, but boy do I hate practicing them! This is an awesome idea Q! One thing I have done that my students love is what I call "and then" writing. It works great for students in a group. Each student starts their story with the same writing prompt, after 3 minutes or so everyone must stop and write 'and then...' Writers pass their journal to the student next to them. And so on and so on it goes. Students love this activity and it forces students to read and write at the same time! It always seems to create some really great stories.

    1. I had totally forgot about the "and then" writing! I think I can add another whole class journal with that being the prompt!

  2. Super fabulous! I want to add an I can write . . . to my second grade class. Offering them clear pictures of what they can write about will make it more fun! Thank you so much for your ideas!

  3. Hi! I would love a copy of these super cute resources. I have meaning to make some similar myself but yours are much cuter than I could make. Work on Writing has always been a dreaded choice as well but we have recently implemented a new option that they are loving. My kids love research writing! I set out books and articles that go along with our S.S. and Science units and the kids love writing new things they've learned from the books. We are also lucky enough to have 4 iPads during Daily 5 so they also use preselected sights to continue their research. We have a class research notebook where the kids write and illustrate their findings!
    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Oh, we also have started our own classroom mailbox where they can write letters to each other, other teachers, or have them sent home on Friday. I always pre-read them and deliver them on Friday afternoon. They absolutely love letter writing!