Sunday, April 28, 2013


Do you take a boat load of pictures throughout the day, but don't want to type up an entire blog post about it?  INSTAGRAM is a great outlet to share those pics and great things that are happening in your day!  I just signed on a few weeks ago and it's been pretty fun! I created an INSTAGRAM for my blog from my phone. I'm joining WHAT THE TEACHER WANTS! Instagram Talk about it Tuesdays! Hop on over to see the details and  link up, and also find some of your favorite bloggers on INSTAGRAM!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Picture Prompt Writing, Bird reports, & countdown

Happy Sunday all!  If your days are anything like mine, you have spent it cleaning, shopping, drinking high-priced coffee, lesson creating/planning and of course blog stalking.  I personally wouldn't have it any other way.  Well except for the fact that Monday is...well....tomorrow :(

My lovely class just finished up a two week unit on Bird Research!  Students were required to:

1.  choose a bird



2.  locate information via text or online
3.  list their sources
4.  strengthen their writing (these were my examples)

Then, they had to do their own!
5.  revising & editing with a peer

Let me tell you, it was a challenge!  But to top off the unit, I had my students incorporate measurement in with the writing, by asking them to build life-size versions of their bird.  This was probably the ONLY motivation that got most of them to complete all the steps for this report! 

6.  measurements

(hummingbird, penguin, roadrunner & a Dodo)

Next up, is my Picture Writing Prompt Packet
Hot off the press is my picture prompt writing packet.  At this point in the year, kids should have mastery of the 3 most focused genres of writing in 2nd grade.  Because its the end of the year, I'm giving my kids a little freedom, and allowing them to choose the style of writing they want to do.  So with each picture, there are 3 different prompts to write about, one of each genre.  Check it out!

   I apologize for the extra long post, but it is FORBIDDEN to post twice in one day!!  The last thing I want to say is that, I have 29 days of school left.  That's all. I will give 3 of these packets away to the first 3 followers to comment and tell me how many days you have left!   Have a great week!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Mentor Text-Linky

Happy Monday to you all!  I am joining up with the Collaboration Cuties for their Math Mentor Text Linky!  If you haven't checked it out, PLEASE DO!  I have gotten tons of ideas!  I got THIS idea from one of my brilliant inductees who did an activity that used the Marilyn Burns text The Greedy Triangle.    So, I had to test it out myself!   A dissatisfied triangle ventures out to become different shapes by adding a side and vertex each time.  The text shows the different places we might see such shape, like a pentagon on the soccer ball.  As the Greedy Triangle transformed shapes, I had my students add a side (pretzel) and a vertex (marshmallow) to create the new shape, and then record that information on THIS WORKSHEET.  They loved it!  They were amazed at how easily the new shapes were made.  They also enjoyed eating the snack afterwards!  See pics below! 

Here's what you need + the Text.
Have kids create the shapes by adding a side and vertex at a time.  Record the number of each for the shape.   

As a challenge, I asked them to make 3D shapes!

Voila!  Great activity, the kids were engaged the entire time!!  You can get the worksheet I used by downloading HERE.  If you would like to link up, head on over to the Collaboration Cuties! 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Testing Break" - Mystery Number activity

Next week, we have State Testing.  HOORAY!  This is a pack of Mystery Number logic puzzles that my kids will work on in the afternoon, once testing is done.  After testing all morning, these should spice up your math block.  What types of activities do you do with your students during testing week?  Please share!  Click on the picture to check them out and download for FREE!