Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ginormous GIVEAWAY!

You read it right!  I will be participating in the "Our Sweet Success" giveaway! 

Phase 1 - Link Up! (Our Sweet Success)
If you would like to join this giveaway by offering one of your products, then join us in the biggest linky party EVER!!!  The deadline to enter will be Saturday, March 2.  We have several of your FAVORITES that will be joining us!!        
Phase 2 - Enter to WIN!  (Mackey's Classroom)
Starting on Sunday, March 3...Sarah will begin the raffle for the winner!  ONE lucky winner will win:

ALL of the products offered by the most amazing teacher/bloggers on TPT.  

Phase 3 - Prizes Sent!
All teacher/bloggers who linked up will email their product to winner!!
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I will be giving away an ITEM OF YOUR CHOICE from my TPT Store!
Get in on the fun!

Spring Break homework??

What do you say?  I usually don't do Spring Break homework but one of my close colleagues broke it down to me last year.  My argument was that the kids need a break, GIVE THEM A BREAK!  Besides, I don't want to collect a packet of work that I'm just gonna put in the recycle bin at the end of the day anyway!  Her argument, was that you can give them fun, meaningful work for the break and she discussed giving incentives for those who actually return the packet.  Hmm...well...I sort of gave in and will be giving my students a Spring Break packet.  It will include journal pages for writing each day and some other activities that will require them to step away from the video games. Gasp!!  I will have to take pics of their faces the day I pass this baby out!  I know its a little early, but I'm trying to get ahead a little bit!  So check it out below.  I was trying to do a Google doc for the first time, but its not working out so well (does anyone know how those are done??), so you can find it in my TPT store for FREE

Journal Cover with ideas for what to write and journal page

Turn the T.V. off!!

Plus a couple more sheets of fun! Enjoy!


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Writing Through the Year

Happy Saturday everyone!  I logged on to share with you a resource that I've been working on forever it seems!  It's my P.E.N. Writing through the year pack.  Persuasive/Opinion, Explanatory/Informational and Narrative Writing in one bundle.  This pack has over 40 prompts total.  It also includes the prewriting and organizing sheets for each prompt.  At my school, we use a combination of Write From the Beginning and Spivey Writing.  Both are quite effective, so together, they are a powerhouse!   I would love to share it with one of you, as long as you promise to give me feedback on how it is working for you :)  Please check it out below!

Posters for each

Prewriting/Rough Draft Organizers

Plus publishing paper and other tools to lengthen and strengthen student writing!

Leave your name and email address, and I will randomly choose someone to test this baby out!  Thanks!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Something borrowed....FREEBIE

Hello friends!  I hope your week is off to a great start!  So....a few months back, I saw this really cute Time activity on Pinterest. I tried it, and the kids loved it!  I made little watches for the kids to tape on their wrist, and they walked around and read the times on all their friend's watches.  Up out of your seat and practicing time?  It's a win-win!  I created a sheet with all of my student's names on them which made it so much easier.  Here's a pic of that activity. 
By special request, I had a student ask if I could make some watches and add them as a workstation to practice telling time.  Of course I can!  I love when they request certain activities be added to their stash.  So, I "BORROWED" the pinterest idea and made a set of watches. Instead of names on the recording sheet, I just have letters to correspond with each watch.  Students will read the analog clocks and record the time in digital form on the sheet. 

Please head over to my TPT store and download this baby for FREE!  Have a great rest of the week!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

NBCT-Class of 2012

Hello everyone!  I just made it home from a "night to remember".  This evening, I, along with 101 other teachers from AZ were honored in a Celebration of Accomplished Teaching.  After two very long and grueling years, I achieved National Board Certification!  I have never felt so proud in my life!  Tonight I sat amongst some of the most elite educators in this state, and it felt amazing. Below is a photo of me and my lovely friend and co-worker who also achieved certification.  If you are interested in learning more about the National Board process, please click here.  It is an experience, and accomplishment that will change your life!