Saturday, February 23, 2013

Writing Through the Year

Happy Saturday everyone!  I logged on to share with you a resource that I've been working on forever it seems!  It's my P.E.N. Writing through the year pack.  Persuasive/Opinion, Explanatory/Informational and Narrative Writing in one bundle.  This pack has over 40 prompts total.  It also includes the prewriting and organizing sheets for each prompt.  At my school, we use a combination of Write From the Beginning and Spivey Writing.  Both are quite effective, so together, they are a powerhouse!   I would love to share it with one of you, as long as you promise to give me feedback on how it is working for you :)  Please check it out below!

Posters for each

Prewriting/Rough Draft Organizers

Plus publishing paper and other tools to lengthen and strengthen student writing!

Leave your name and email address, and I will randomly choose someone to test this baby out!  Thanks!


  1. My students always need practice in writing. Hope to be a lucky winner!

  2. We are ALWAYS looking to improve our writing!