Saturday, June 8, 2013


Whoa has it really been that long since I posted?  I'm so sorry, I will do better!  I hope that you are enjoying your summer break or getting ready to enjoy it, for those of you still on the clock!  I came on today to let you know about a former colleague of mine who has FINALLY started to upload his products to TPT.  We worked next door to each other for 6 years, and let's just say, he can do amazing things with the SMARTBOARD!  I am really excited about his 101 Story Starters (yep, 101!) notebook.  You or your students can select a genre and be taken to a wealth of prompts that will spark interest and creativity during what could be a dreadful writing block!  There is just something about variety and choice that makes my heart sing.  This product could be a great addition to your Work on Writing resources.   A lucky few of you will be able to test this product out.


 Just head on over to his TPT store, follow his store, and then download one of his wonderful freebies that he already has posted.  He is just getting started, so you will definitely want to know when new things are added!  Then, come back and comment on this post which product you downloaded, along with your email and you will receive this monster file of common core aligned writing prompts!  Happy Summer!


  1. Wow! Thanks Q! Of course I love your stuff too. :) Keep up the good work.

  2. I recently just downloaded his freebie of Creating Super Sentences, just to see if I could use it with my students. I definitely feel that it is going to help them with expanding their simple sentences. Thanks :)